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A New Skater at Kotler Ice Arena in Victor, Idaho


rink 010Frigid temperatures persist, so what does one do in the unrelenting cold? If you are a dog, then you seek out the sun and hope for a cozy blanket to sit on.  My husband now works at the Kotler Ice Arena down the road in Victor, Idaho. I could just bring him hot coffee, soup, tea, anything to warm the innards on a morning that is, no lie, 20 plus below zero. But that wouldn’t be me. Instead, I put on Tim’s old hockey skates and took to the ice.

Day One – I used the granny device, a walker like contraption that you hold on to for dear life and in my case, old limb, as I navigate my way about the too-hard surface. After only a few tours about the rink, I put the crutch away and dared to skate. It was fun.

Day Two – I brought one of Tim’s hockey sticks, just to see. It was an open skate with sticks and pucks, but by the time I arrived, an informal game was happening. I palmed my stick and kept to the boards, less anyone think I was actually going to play. Again, after a few circles about the perimeter, I wandered into the game. OMG, hockey is fun. I dinked around like a spaz and made a few plays. I defended, I even passed. I’m going to join the women’s team. It’s just for fun. Tim says there are beginners like me. Bring on the padding.

rink 009


rink 015


rink 004

rink 001

rink 007


Author: Julie Anne Morley

Farmer, Bed & Breakfast Proprieter, Horsewoman, Gardener, Writer, Seamstress, Wife, Mother, Daughter... I wear many hats and they all fit. I wouldn't trade one for another and I don't have too. Life is big enough for all my passions and the Teton Valley in Idaho is wild enough to feel at home.

2 thoughts on “A New Skater at Kotler Ice Arena in Victor, Idaho

  1. Love he pics. Animals seem happy Poor little kiddies.

  2. Very good blog publish.Truly looking forward to read much more. Much obliged.

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